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04 MAy - 05 June

Youth in Events management

Roadshow Media presents to you the Youth in Events Management series of Webinars & Workshops which are scheduled to take place on the 4th & 11th of May 2021 will go live at 11:00am.

Youth in Events Management series of webinars & workshop is for the youth and sets to educate the youth below the age of 36 about all things event management from pre-planning all the way to post planning including the education centered around putting together a successful event.
We will also have an onsite live seminar which will also be steamed live along with exhibitions, panel dissuasions and workshops.

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Program and structure

Program / Structure

The show begins as we meet our facilitator introducing him/herself of camera. S/he then introduces the panel/mentors at large. Our facilitator will then run us through the program which will be prepared through questions. Some of the questions will be prepared with reference videos and images. These videos and pictures will be bought as stock footage and/or footage from roadshows past events. The show will end with words of encouragement from our panel of industry leaders before a live performance from a performing artist or Dj.
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Guest / Speakers


We will have a panel of mentors who are industry leaders in the events management area.
Part of the panel will be a facilitator who is also a member of the events management industry. Our facilitator will do all intro’s and the outro of the show. They will also be responsible for leading the conversation through researched questions and topics.

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