We started on the road many years ago and that’s where we still love to be! Roadshow specialises in through the line marketing for brands who want to meet their customers face-to-face,  touch their hearts and dazzle their minds. We call it mobilisation because we believe that you need to go to where your people are and take action to win them over. We want to see large numbers of people touched and engaged with the brand in charge.

We find music to be the universal language that crosses all boundaries and it is through music, our tours and road shows that we have managed to spread the message for many brands.  We are well equipped to take your brand to the biggest cities and any hidden corners of South Africa!

Think about it and give us a call to discuss your next road show.

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We’re always available to talk about your plans. Please contact us on +27 11 805 7847 or +27 82 452 1912.

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"There is no better experience that getting a brand it on the road and taking it to the people. Creating an impactful and lasting connection between brand and consumer is what I enjoy most!"

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